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Music Lessons at TMC

THE MUSIC CELLAR TEACHING TEAM IS DEVOTED TO MUSIC EDUCATION, and we pride ourselves on our innovative techniques. It has always been our belief that music lessons should be affordable and this is reflected in our tuition fees.

6 WEEK INTRO PROGRAMS (Drums, Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Bass, Voice and Ukulele) - students choose 1 (one) instrument for the 6 weeks.

  • We offer introductory programs in each instrument. These programs consist of 6 private lessons, and are intended to give students an affordable opportunity to try a new instrument. The tuition fee for the Intro program is $110 for Fall 2022. 
  • Acoustic guitars and drum kits are available for a small rental fee. TMC does not sell musical instruments, but we will be happy to provide guidance when purchases are planned.
  • The lesson content is not restricted to a specific curriculum. No previous musical experience is required. If students have had some previous experience, the program content will be modified accordingly.
  • At the end of the 6-week program, students carry on in their same time slot, and the tuition fee changes to $82 monthly and you will be pro-rated into our monthly billing cycle. 
  • Lesson slots are available Monday to Thursday (3:30-9:00pm) , Friday (3:30 - 7pm), Saturdays (10am - 5pm) and Sundays (11am - 5pm).
  • Online lessons due to Covid may be implemented throughout the year due to government protocols. 

PRIVATE LESSONS (Drums, Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Bass & Vocal Coaching) and EDUCATIONAL CLINICS

  • Lesson structure is individualized to match the goals of each student. We recognize that the learning styles of students vary considerably, and we make every effort to alter our approach and methods accordingly. Input from parents is always welcome.
  • The majority of our students attend ½ hour private lessons, once a week. There are some students who choose one-hour sessions, either weekly or every other week (when that option is possible). 
  • The monthly tuition fee is $82 for Fall 2022.  Annual tuition $820 divided equally over 10 months (Sept - June). 38 lessons per year. 30 minute lesson cost = $21.58
  • Instruction is provided on the highest quality of acoustic and electronic instruments.
  • Studios are spacious and windowed.
  • Lesson slots are available Monday to Thursday (3:30pm - 9pm) Fridays 3:30-7:00) as well as Saturdays (10:00 - 5pm) and Sundays (11am - 5pm) during the day.
  • Online lessons due to Covid may be implemented throughout the year due to government protocols. 


  • For those piano students who are interested, instruction in the The Royal Conservatory of Music program is available.
  • We will prepare students for both practical and theory exams, and we are proud to say that our students have a history of producing excellent test scores!
  • Students may choose to study from the RCM course exclusively, but most prefer a combination of classical music and more contemporary styles. (Other students who do not wish to have any classical music at all, may focus all of their efforts on other types of music. It is always our goal to provide lesson plans that are specific to each student.)
  • Online lessons due to Covid may be implemented throughout the year due to government protocols. 

ROCK U. BAND PROGRAMS Replaces Showcase fall 2022

  • ROCK U. Band Program is offered in addition to regular private lessons. Some ROCK U programs require Private Lessons at TMC
  • Membership in ROCK U.  requires an audition in order to establish level of performance.
  • Showcase / Live Performances subject to Covid restrictions and may be postponed or cancelled. 
  • More Info Coming Soon (Pricing, Programs, Auditions)


  • More info coming soon. 

 *Please note that if there are any discrepancies between tuition, rental or registration fee prices quoted on this website, the prices quoted by a Music Cellar or River Park South Music representative shall be deemed accurate.