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Q. What is ROCK U. FEST?

A. TMC’s annual year end rock band festival has been renamed ROCK U. FEST. Eligible TMC students who wish to participate, will perform in 1 concert with a band at the end of June.

Q. Is it different than ROCK U.?

A. Yes. ROCK U. is TMC’s 9-month rock program and they have their own separate concerts. 

Q. Who is eligible?

A. ROCK U. FEST is only available to students enrolled in regular lessons at TMC. Students must be 8 years of age as of April 1st, 2023, are proficient on their instrument(s) and have played their instrument longer than 6 months. Students who started playing their instrument after Jan 1, 2023 may not be eligible and can choose to play in the SPOTLIGHT RECITAL (playing solo or with their teacher) or can remain in lessons if they choose not to perform.

Q. My child doesn’t want to participate in any performances, what do we do?

A. You simply remain in lessons until the end of June. 

Q. How does it work?

A. Eligible students who want to go into bands will end their regular lessons at the end of May. They then go into 4 weeks of 30 minute group rehearsals (one 30 minute group rehearsal per week).

Q. How much does it cost?

A. ROCK U FEST is $105 for the program. If you are ending regular lessons to go into the band, you will not be charged for June lessons, therefore the program cost is $27 above the amount you would have paid for June ($82). If you have already paid for June in advance, you will just pay the $27 because you’ve already paid $82 for June. 

Q. I’m in the year long ROCK U program AND enrolled in regular lessons at TMC. I already have a ROCK U concert in June, can I choose to participate and perform in a ROCK U FEST concert too?

A. Absolutely. If that’s something you’d like to do and you’re available to do so, you can do it. If not, you can remain in lessons in June.

Q. What is the theme of ROCK U FEST this year?

A. Every year TMC teachers used to choose a theme that tied all the music together for the annual Year End Festival. For example: one year it might be “80s Music” or “Canadian Artists”. This year, much like last year, we are hoping to just find music from Pop, Rock, Hard Rock that people want to play and we are less worried about making that work thematically with song choices. 

Q. How are bands put together?

A. Bands are put together in terms of age. 8-11, 12-14, 15-17, 18+ (adults).

Q. How many songs are chosen for ROCK U FEST?

A. Excellent Question! First, we must determine how many drummers want to perform. If 75 drummers are eligible and meet the criteria, then we have to play 75 songs. BUT given the short period of time, it’s impossible to teach 75 different songs in a month to hundreds of musicians. We divide the number of drummers/songs by 3 (75 / 3 = 25) meaning that there will actually be 25 songs. Those 25 songs will be performed over 3 separate concerts (25 songs in each). Students and their parents will only have to attend the concert they are in. Each song is learned EXACTLY the same way so students can attend rehearsals and play in the concerts with musicians they might not have seen in rehearsal, but they can be assured everyone plays it the same way.

Q. How are the songs chosen?

A. Songs are chosen by TMC staff. We can’t guarantee you’ll be able to play your favourite song, but live performance is very important and we highly recommend playing a song in concert for the experience, even if it isn’t your favourite. If you’re really wanting to play the music and songs you like, consider auditioning for TMC’s 9-month ROCK U program in the future. 

Q. How do song rehearsals work?

A. For each song, two rehearsals at TMC in Studio 2 are provided throughout the week for that particular song. For example “Living on a Prayer” might be offered Sat 10-10:30 am and Thursday 4-4:30pm. If you want to play that song, you will have to be available at the time the rehearsal is. See below.

Q. How do I choose a song?

A. Songs/Rehearsal times are sent out via email via Survey Monkey on a First Come First Served basis. The survey application goes LIVE at a certain date and time and people can sign up that way. Students will be asked for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices of the songs provided.

Q. Where and When are the ROCK U FEST & SPOTLIGHT RECITALS?

A. All concerts and recitals will be held at the Martial-Caron Theatre (stadium style seats with 260 person capacity) located at the University of St. Boniface. Dates of all concerts to be determined once scheduling has been completed, but we have this room booked between Saturday June 24th to Wed June 28th. 

Q. How do I purchase tickets for the concerts and recitals?

A. Links to EVENTBRITE.COM will be sent out once dates are confirmed in June for the shows. 

Q. Who performs in these concerts?

A. We try very hard to have TMC students on stage performing all parts, but in the event vocalists or musicians are required and there are no students or available student volunteers, teachers may be required to perform. 

Q. I have another Question that wasn’t answered in this FAQ

A. Please email us at our TMC email. We may add your question(s) to an updated version of this document. 

Q. I am interested in ROCK U. – the year long program. 

A. Please visit for more information regarding ROCK U. Please note programming for ROCK U. is always subject to change and the upcoming 2023-2024 season program information has not yet been determined. 

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