What people have to say about TMC

The Music Cellar is THE place to get your music education in Winnipeg. It's more than just about lessons. It's about experiencing music. The Music Cellar goes above and beyond to ensure that every student has that experience. It was a blast taking lessons there, and even more fun teaching there!

- Darren Savard, Canadian Country Music Awards Guitarist of the Year, 2014

The Music Cellar is a world class music school. They provide such a welcoming environment,with highly skilled and talented instructors! The Music cellar goes above and beyond in encouragingstudents to reach for the stars! If I was given the opportunity to be at the beginning of my music education again,I'd want it to start at The Music Cellar.

- Murray Pulver, guitarist, composer, producer, multiple winner of CCMA's Guitarist of the Year.

Enrolling our son at age 7 with The Music Cellar was the just the start of bringing music back into our family. As a parent you cannot ask for a better music educational experience for your children. In recent years, I was also an administrator of the school and I witnessed firsthand the inspiration instilled by the teachers ; the proud parents and most of all the sense of confidence and enjoyment from the students. In fact I felt so inspired, that I began taking lessons myself never believing I could perform on stage with a group of shall we say "mature" students my age. Our association with The Music Cellar has created three musicians in our family. Our once 7 year old son, now graduated from university, is still taking lessons. He refuses to leave. And we think that's a good thing!

- Janice Smith, former office manager, parent and adult student

I've had so many unique opportunities as a musician at The Music Cellar! In the 5 years that I've been going here, I've had the chance to play in the fantastic ensemble program, participate in a clinic held by Slash bassist Todd Kerns, and perform at many events. One of the reasons why The Music Cellar is so special is because it's made me grow as a musician in ways that other types of music education cannot! The teaching here is very "real world based," so instead of merely learning through method books, I've had the opportunity to play in bands with my peers and learn how to properly improvise and arrange music. I have yet to come across another school of music that can deliver on that level!

- Jenica Woitowicz, current student

You can go to you tube to learn how to play an instrument. How to play the instrument, however, does not make the musician. The push to discover who you are and the unique talent that lies within, the spark to turn the knowledge into life, is where the musicians journey begins. When someone asks me about where they should look for for this "push", The Music Cellar! is being shouted at them before they finish the question.

- Mitch Dorge, former drummer of the very successful Crash Test Dummies, and award winning motivational speaker.

The Music Cellar is a great music school with an atmosphere that is upbeat and positive. The education that is offered goes beyond the classroom. The annual Festival is such a highlight as the students perform in bands, gaining an experience most will never get. Every year there are workshops featuring local and international artists which provide students with added inspiration. My experience with The Music Cellar is not only that of a parent, but also as an adult learner. I was nervous as I went to my first lesson, but my apprehensions quickly disappeared. We created a plan where I learned the basics of my instrument and progressed from there. While I will never be a musician who is sought after for autographs, I have learned a new skill and an appreciation of how a band and concert come together.

- Al Smith, parent and adult student

I've been at the Music Cellar for almost twenty years, and honestly, I could go twenty more. I have yet to see any other family run music school consistently bring in world class musicians to help educate their students, and put on a year end Festival that it out of this world. Not to mention, The Music Cellar also employs a team of teachers that know their stuff and care about student success. This is simply the best music school in the city and nowhere else will you get more value for your money than at The Music Cellar

- Andrew Smith, current student

After being at The Music Cellar for 9 years, I've learned so much. I have grown as a musician with the guidance of some amazing teachers

- Dayna Jeanson, current student

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