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ROCK U FEST is TMC's annual rock band show where students have the exciting opportunity to perform with a band! It is for ages 8 to adult and students must be proficient on their instruments. Students will also be able to see our ROCK U full time bands as they perform at the various concerts at ROCK U FEST as well. 


Eligible students who join ROCK U FEST will end their regular lessons around the end of May. June lessons become weekly 30 minute group rehearsals with a band working on one song. Students will be placed in the following age categories: 8-12, 13-17 and 18 +. A survey / sign up application will be sent out in April where students will choose a song based upon their age and rehearsal availability. They will be able to provide their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices. ROCK U FEST signup application surveys will go "LIVE" Sunday April 14th 2024 at various times throughout the day (based on age groups). Times are to be determined and everyone will be informed ahead of time. This gives everyone the same chances of getting their song choices as its based on "first come, first served" as every application is time stamped.


The cost for ROCK U FEST is $105. If you have paid for June lessons in advance you will pay $23. You will NOT be charged $82 for June lessons AND $105 for ROCK U FEST.


ROCK U FEST 2 will be held at The Martial-Caron Theatre in the University of St. Boniface from Friday June 21st to Sunday June 23rd (possibly including Monday June 24th).


TMC teachers provide and vote on songs (Rock/Pop/Hard Rock/Metal/Country etc) that will be in ROCK U FEST. Students then choose their song in April via survey application and their choice will be confirmed before the end of April so that they can begin working on their song choice with their teacher for the month of May. 


Once the show order has been completed, tickets will be on sale in June for the various concerts via (they are only available online). The capacity of the theatre is 260.


On the ROCK U FEST survey application there will be an area for a student to volunteer to play  or sing in other songs if required and if they are available to attend the extra rehearsals as they are required to be in attendance. There is no charge for volunteering. 


ROCK U FEST is a blast and we guarantee everyone will have a great time! Performing is an important part of sharing the gift of music, whether you choose to play in a band or participate in our SPOTLIGHT RECITAL concerts. But we understand if you're not ready and you can choose to remain in lessons. 


You might want to think about joining ROCK U for our 2024-2025 season. If you are unsure of performing, we offer our 3 month HOUSEBAND program for ages 9 to adult, which has NO concerts and simply lets musicians experience playing in a band. Check out for more info on our programs (programs & pricing subject to change). 

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