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Q. What instruments do you teach? Lesson length? Trial Programs?

A. We offer professional, 30 minute weekly private instruction in: Guitar | Drums | Piano | Voice | Bass | Ukulele | Music Theory. Any instrument we teach is offered in a 6 Week Intro Program (Please note trials can only be taken once on the same instrument ex. One student cannot do two guitar trials, but they could do a guitar and drum trial etc.


Q. How much are lessons at The Music Cellar (Sept 2023-June 2024)? 


  • Regular lessons are $82 monthly Sept – June ($820 ÷ 37 lessons per year = $22.16 per lesson prorated amount)

  • 6 Week Trials are $110 

  • Half Year Tuition is $410 (Sept to Jan) and $410 (Feb to June) | Payable Sept 1st and Feb 1st

  • Full Year Tuition is $820 | Payable Sept 1st

  • ROCK U. programs are between $80 and $148 Monthly from Sept 2023-June 2024. 

  • Please note this is current pricing which ends June 2024 and does not reflect 2024-2025 lesson or ROCK U. pricing.


Q. What is the best way to reach TMC?

A. Emailing is the fastest way for any reason: lesson inquiries, cancellations, questions, payment info etc.

Q. When are lesson payments due?

A. If you are paying monthly, lesson payments are due on the 1st of each month (Sept to June). Half year lump sum payments are due Sept 1st and Feb 1st of the lesson year. Full year lump payments are due Sept 1st but can be made at any time if a student has started after September.


Q. What payment options do you accept?

A. We currently accept the following payment methods:

  • e-transfers payable to: 

  • post-dated cheques dated for the 1st of each month & made payable to: The Music Cellar

  • We do not currently accept Credit, Debit or Cash


Q. What is your policy in regards to missed lessons?

A. As explained in our Policies 2023-2024 PDF, students can reschedule one missed lesson per term provided at least 24 hours notice is provided: 

  • TERM 1: Sept to Jan

  • TERM 2: Feb to June


Q. Do you offer Rock Band groups?

A. Yes, we offer unique ROCK U. band programs for ages 9 to adult. ROCK U programs are for performers (concerts) and even non-performers (no concerts). ROCK U. programs are between $80 and $148 Monthly from Sept 2023-June 2024.  In fall of 2024 we will be adding ROCK U. Jr for 7-8 year olds which will be 30 minutes weekly and be a six week program. More information on our ROCK U. band programs and pricing can be found at our website


Q. I can’t make my lesson this week, can I reschedule to a weekend?

A. Our teachers have limited availability and packed schedules while they are at TMC, with some only teaching one day. It is impossible for them to reschedule to another day as they may have employment or commitments elsewhere. It is therefore very important you pick a day/time for lessons when you are sure no other conflicts will arise. As mentioned above, we understand things happen and have allowed for 2 reschedulings per year (one each per term).


Q. Does The Music Cellar rent instruments?

A. Yes! We have drums, guitars and keyboards for rent. They are all subject to availability and can be rented for 6 Week Intro Programs or for the entire year if you’d prefer. If something happens to your instrument during the rental (broken string, drum head etc) just let us know and we’ll fix it at no charge to you. As long as it’s normal wear and tear, it will be covered. 


Q. Do I need an instrument to take lessons?

A. Yes. A quality instrument at home will improve learning and encourage playing. 


Q. My child isn’t practicing enough. What should I do?

A. Playing a musical instrument takes dedication and commitment but it’s important to recognize that a student’s interest in their instrument will ebb and flow over time. It is extremely important to be encouraging at all times. We recommend speaking to the teacher regarding practicing expectations and if your child isn’t playing as much, to see if some learning material can be introduced to increase interest. 


Q. Do you have group lessons / can I take lessons with my child?

A. We do not offer group lessons outside of ROCK U as everyone learns at a different pace. Learning with your child or two siblings learning together has a very limited life span as one student usually outpaces the other within a short period of time.


Q. Can I sit in on my child’s lesson?

A. We have found having a parent involved in the lesson tends to incresae performance anxiety and pressure on the student, so we respectfully ask that you do not. 


Q. I need to speak with my child’s teacher. Can I do this after their lesson?

A. We certainly encourage communication between teacher and parent but respectfully ask that you either arrange to come in a few minutes before the end of the lesson or arrange another time to communicate as sometimes these discussions can be lengthy and cause delayed start times with other lessons throughout the day/evening. 

Q. Does The Music Cellar offer performances, recitals, concerts etc?

A. Yes! Students have the opportunity to participate in our Spotlight concerts (piano/drum/guitar/vocal/ukulele/bass recitals) as well as ROCK U concerts (must be in ROCK U to participate) and our year end ROCK U FEST where student bands are fomed. ROCK U FEST is a separate program available for 8 years to Adults and starts in Spring (late May/ early June). Students stop their regular lessons during this time and go into groups. Students may also choose to do our Spotlight Recital and continue in lessons or simply remain in lessons and not perform.


Q. What is ROCK U. Rock Band Evolved?

A. ROCK U is an evolution of our popular Showcase Program and replaces Showcase entirely. For more information visit

Q. What is ROCK U. FEST?

A. ROCK U FEST is The Music Cellar's annual rock band concert held in June. Students aged 8 to adult can sign up to perform with a band as long as they have been taking lessons for at least 6 months and are proficient on their instruments. Students will submit an online application in April and will be placed in groups within their age range: 8-12 year olds, 13-17 year olds and 18+ adults. Students choose a song based on their availability to attend rehearsals and are placed into groups at the end of May for 4 weeks. Regular lessons will stop at this time and students will not pay the June tuition of $82. The price for ROCK U FEST is $105.

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