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Where It All Began

Since The Music Cellar opened its doors in David & Brenda Schneider's "cellar" back in the mid-80s, TMC has been committed to helping students pursue their musical goals. Eventually TMC grew too large for the cellar and moved to its current 2000 sq. foot retail location on St. Anne's Road. In 2018 TMC was purchased by Vaughn & Collette Smith.


Both Vaughn and Collette have extensive backgrounds in teaching and music school operations. Vaughn co-owned Four For Music which offered instrument sales and music lessons on Pembina HWY in the mid 80s. During that same time Collette was teaching at Major & Minor. Four For Music was sold to Croft Music in 1988, and Vaughn was hired     to manage Croft's Just Drums department until becoming their travelling School Band Representative. Collette left Major & Minor and joined Music Place where she continuing teaching and was promoted as the school's acting Education Director in 1993.

Vaughn & Collette met at Music Place in 1993 when Vaughn was hired as Office Manager. The Music Place was a very popular school and had grown to over 400 students. In 1995  Vaughn and Collette left to start their own successful home-based music schools: Modern Music (1995-2005), Ste-Anne School of Performing Arts (2006-2014) and River Park South Music (2015-2023). They also taught in Vancouver at The Creber Music Academy when they moved out of province (2005-2006). Along with their extensive decades long experience in musical education, both Vaughn and Collette spent many years with Louis Riel and Seine River school divisions.


While under new management and direction since 2018, The Music Cellar continues providing innovative, affordable & the highest quality music education & rock band programs to dedicated musicians in Winnipeg & the surrounding areas. 

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