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ROCK U. 300 (AGES 15 - 18)


ROCK U. 300 is the launching pad for our future superstar singers, musicians  & bands! For students who have been through various ROCK U. programs, we can say that all roads lead to ROCK U. 300. Students can choose their genre (style of music), vote on songs, & choose a band name together. Students at this level are encouraged but not required to have be enrolled in private lessons at TMC. ROCK U. 300 is a weekly 75 minute program and goes from Sept - June and is open to drummers, guitarists, keyboardists, bassists and vocalists. 


ROCK U groups are roughly a 9 month commitment. If you are heavily involved in extra-curricular activities that will interfere with song practicing, rehearsals, concerts and recording we ask that you join the program  in the future when you have more free time to dedicate to the program.


Stage means concerts and Studio means recording! Evolving ROCK U. even further, the 2023-2024 season will see our in-house recording projects expand over the winter months. Expect some exciting things to come out of ROCK U. next year! 

  • CONCERTS/EVENTSAs a performing group, ROCK U. 300 students will play at least 3 separate concerts throughout the year in Dec, Mar and June, with the March concert a smaller scale event. Concert venues may include The Park Theatre, Martial-Caron Theatre, Park Alleys etc.

  • SONG-WRITINGWhile most band programs are focused primarily on performing cover songs, select ROCK U. bands will work together on writing and recording original material in 2023-2024. They'll learn about song structure, form, music theory, recording techniques and how to collaborate & contribute musically on songs they create.

  • RECORDING: At TMC we've invested a lot into our in-house recording equipment and will continue to do so as the program grows. Moreso than a monetary investment, we're investing in our students futures as upcoming artists and want to help launch their musical careers in all the ways we can!


2 Jam nights per year give the ROCK U students a chance to hang out, play their latest band songs, hear other bands and get to know members of other ROCK U bands. Pizza, snacks and drinks provided. Jam Nights are held in house at TMC on Sunday evenings twice per program year. 


Private lessons at The Music Cellar are not required for Students in ROCK U.  300. Non-enrolled TMC students in ROCK U 300 are subject to an annual $35 registration fee. 


A short audition is required for ROCK U. 300 students who have not been involved in the program previously. Auditions will be held in September.


ROCK U. 300 is $148 monthly ($1332 total).

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