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Our private lessons operate on a 10 month, 38 lesson year from September to June. They are 30 minutes in length (60 min available) and are held weekly at the same day & time with the same teacher. Lesson structure is individualized to match the goals of each student. 

Lessons are primarily pop/rock based but Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) is offered in piano/voice as well as classical guitar. RCM & classical guitar lessons are subject to teacher availability.


Tuition is $82 mthly ($820 annually). Each 30 minute lesson prorates to $21.58 ($820 ÷ 38 lessons = $21.58 per lesson). 60 minute lessons are prorated to $43.16.


Students are subject to a $35 registration fee per lesson slot. Example: if they are taking bass lessons and piano lessons they would pay two registration fees. Registration fees are not refundable once scheduling begins. Enrol early in Spring to save on Registration Fees.


You might need to RIGHT CLICK the link below to download the PDF to your computer, fill out and save as a PDF and submit to TMC via email. 

Regular Lessons: Services
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